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Ageing and disability

City of Marion is committed to providing individual quality services to older people, younger people living with a disability and their carers, to promote their independence.

The main aim of our service is to promote, provide and support your independence, enabling you to live at home while maintaining your wellbeing and social connections.

For more information on the services available please visit the following pages:

City of Marion Access action plan

Currently under review.

In response to the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992), the City of Marion Access Plan was produced in consultation with all council departments, some Government Agencies and stakeholders from the local community in 2001.

Strategy for older people

Currently under review.

A Strategy for Older People in the Marion Community was developed in consultation with the community. The strategies include Home Help and Support, Transport, Housing and Supported Accommodation, Community Safety, Health, Information, Participation versus isolation, Volunteers, Carers, Funding and resources, and Strategic partnerships and regional planning.

For further information please contact:

City of Marion

In case of an after-hours emergency, please phone 8375 6666

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