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Adriana Salegio

Visual arts
Sheidow Park SA


Mixed media (acrylic, spray, photography) and digital. My work has a street art, children’s illustration whimsical style.


Originally of Latin American descent, I migrated to Australia in the early 90s, where I studied advertising art & graphic design at Onkaparinga TAFE; later spending 11 years living and working in New York City, and I’m now once again based in Adelaide and super excited to establish myself as a professional full time artist.

My illustrative style is whimsy and warm, with a slight air of melancholy, featuring an array of characters living in a technicolor (dream)world. I have been heavily influenced from a childhood of Saturday-morning cartoons, urban landscapes, graffiti & all elements of hip-hop culture; as well as the ever eerie, fantastic and mysterious world of wilderness that surrounds us. I has exhibited both in New York & Australia, and my work has also been featured extensively within the music industry.


I have exhibited nationally and internationally. I am completely open and excited to undertake any commissions and public art projects.

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