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Hanah Williams

Visual arts
Seacliff SA


I am interested in the alchemy of etching and embraces variation,

repetition and elements of chance in my work. My prints delve into the

realms of dreams, mythology and the natural world. My first solo-show

The Dreaming Forest was exhibited in 2019 at FELT space and featured

over one hundred prints. This immersive installation invited the viewer

into an underground realm of tunnels, tree roots and velvety earthy

tones. Embracing the matrix, my etching plates were altered several

times throughout the project and pushed to their furthest point to

achieve the darkest tones in the installation. Black spruce, pine and

vetiver oils were added to the ink on the prints to entice the senses

and draw the viewer deep underground.


I am an Adelaide based emerging artist, printmaking educator and

graduate of Adelaide College of the Arts, the University of South

Australia and Zea Mays Printmaking School in Massachusetts. I currently

run eco-aware printmaking workshops throughout Adelaide and regional

South Australia. I am also the coordinator of the Intercambio Grafico

printmaking exchange between Mexico and Australia.


I have undertaken printmaking residencies in Mexico and the USA, and

was a recipient of a Carclew grant in 2014 to attend La Ceiba Grafica art

school and a Helpmann Academy grant in 2017 to complete a Green

Certificate in Intaglio Printmaking at the Zea Mays Printmaking School

in 2018. I am available for commissions and running community

printmaking workshops.

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