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Jenny Berry

Visual arts
Woodcroft SA


I paint with acrylics and have a focus on capturing marine life and oceanscapes. From realistic representation of specific marine species to large contemporary reef scenes, my work endeavours to capture light, tranquility and reflect the lucidity of the ocean’s waters.


A fondness for snorkelling and the undersea world has translated into a love of painting this environment. I have been painting underwater species since 2000, inspired by a 6 month trip around the Australian coast line. I also loved having the time to dedicate to painting! Since then I have honed my skills through many hours creating beautiful images of marine creatures and oceanscapes. I enjoy learning about marine species and often learn they are unique to certain areas and therefore endangered or under threat. I often attempt to paint the fragility of the species and their particular qualities. I hope my paintings teach people about different marine species and help us stop and think about how easy it is to lose many of these fascinating creatures. I am happy that my paintings bring a sense of joy, happiness and serenity to people’s lives.


I would love to be involved in public art with a marine focus. My achievements include: Winner of 'Best Oil / Acrylic Painting' in 2008 Glenelg Art Show Exhibited in SALA Event 2010 Selected to exhibit in Solar Art Show 2015 by Royal South Aust Society of Arts Featured in 'Bizarre to the Beautiful' at Stump Hill Gallery 2017 Featured in Raw Adelaide Envision Showcase 2018 Solo Exhibition at By Blackbird Cafe 2018 Joint Exhibition at Insieme Ristorante 2018

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