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Katrina Linn

Visual arts
South Plympton


Flowers and my cats are my topics of choice. Oil paint and canvas my medium. My favourite thing – painting time with my music turned up, and my mind turned down. My favourite painting – always the last one I completed. My favourite quote – If not now, when?


I am a receptionist by day and an artist by night. I love flowers. I paint their voluptuous folds of petals, their rich muted colours and the razzle dazzle and shimmer of light dancing across their surface. Trying to capture the ecstasy of emotion in a single flower, and share it with others, is my driving force. I was a professional potter for 35 years. I had my own pottery, gift and florist business which took all my attention. With falling sales and rising costs I closed my shop in 2010. I reinvented myself into a receptionist. I finally made time, to satisfy a long held ambition to paint. Painting for me is the most fun I have, but also the most torment. There is a fine line between the pleasure and the pain. Painting has taught me to keep going. I have a very low tolerance for seeing things unfinished on the canvas. I finish as I go. During each painting I want to give up 100 times. I have learnt if I just keep going it sometimes turns out ok, like life itself,