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Co-working spaces in Southern Adelaide

If you are looking for an entrée into Tonsley to experience the working environment for yourself, or thinking of leasing a space but not sure, you can begin in a co-working space. There are two spaces available in the City of Marion.


Co-HAB is administered by Innovyz and supported by the Department of State Development and Renewal SA. It is located in the Tonsley Innovation District, a  collaborative and high-value industry, education and residential precinct.

Co-HAB is an Adelaide based not-for-profit company providing co-working space for people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Members have the opportunity to operate their businesses, connect and collaborate. The emphasis at Co-HAB is on collaboration, the fuel for invention and  entrepreneurial activities.

Spacious, well resourced, inspiring. Far beyond merely a place from which to work, Co-HAB is a unique place to develop your business, to connect with others and be part of the future of South Australia.

1284 South Road, Tonsley
0421 764 619

eNVIsion at the New Venture Institute

The eNVIsion space is more than just a desk; it is a ticket to a community of like-minded passionate people as well as a wide range of resources in Flinders University. Start with desk space, coffee, meeting rooms and the fastest internet in the state; when you are ready move on to 3D printing, nanotechnology and advanced materials, medical device research, robotics and a wealth of other equipment and people to grow your business.

The front door to the University, open for business.

1284 South Road, Tonsley
8201 7522