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Community gardens

The City of Marion recognises that community gardens contribute to the well being of communities and provide diverse health, social, environmental and cultural benefits.

  • Community gardens have the potential to connect communities, build friendships and provide a recreation and educational resource for all age groups.
  • Community gardens enable people to pursue horticultural activities in an urban environment and can be particularly valuable in medium and higher density areas where people may have limited garden space.
  • Community gardens provide an opportunity to grow food in an environmentally sustainable way and contribute to addressing food security.

Join a Community Garden

There are seven community gardens in the City of Marion with more planned. View our 'join a community garden' page to find out about them.

Start a Community Garden

If there is already a community garden in your area, we encourage you to join that garden. If you would like to start a new community garden on Council land, please contact our Community Gardens Coordinator to express your interest and read our Community Gardens Guidelines to find out what is involved.

City of Marion Community Gardens Coordinator

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