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Discovery circle

Join the Discovery Circle, a UniSA citizen science program that allows everyday people the chance to contribute to scientific research while getting up close with nature.

Citizen science can include hands-on activities like searching for wildlife and recording where you found it. Projects can focus on animals and even address how we manage local environments.

The City of Marion is partners with UniSA’s Discovery Circle. This year we are partnering with events and activities, including:


A BioBlitz involves a team of scientists and naturalists working with the public to discover and record the life of a park or reserve.


FlukerPosts are location markers (and look like posts in the ground) that have simple instructions asking people walking by to take photos and email them to researchers.

There will be four FlukerPosts installed in the City of Marion soon, two at Oaklands Wetland, one at Warriaparinga Wetlands and one at Hallett Cove Beach. For more information on the Discovery Circle FlukerPosts project see the Discovery Circle website.

Cat Tracker

Ever wondered where your cat ventures to? Now is your chance to find out. The project is designed for cat owners, non-cat owners and school classes.

Birding the ‘burbs

Birding the ‘burbs will explore how urban development has impacted on the distribution of birds across Adelaide, to help us understand how biodiversity might be affected under different urban development scenarios. This information can then be used to support planning for new developments.

Common Thread

Common Thread is a monthly sustainability event that features a different topic and format each month. It brings people together to talk, share ideas and learn about sustainability.

Discovery Circle supports Common Thread events, through providing ideas and network links to engaging topics and presenters, and presenting on related citizen science.

Other projects

A number of other exciting projects are happening both locally and across the state.

Project reports

Further information

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