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Gardening showcase


A big thank you to everyone who submitted an entry in our Gardening Showcase.

Congratulations to our Gardening Showcase winners, who's entries are featured below.

Urban Garden | Brenda, Trott Park

Young Gardener | Emma and Holly, Glengowrie

Community Garden | Oaklands Community Garden, Oliphant Ave

Want to take a peek at the rest of the entries? Please see below for the gallery of participating gardens.

Gardening showcase 2020 23

Brenda's beautiful garden

Urban Garden | Brenda | Trott Park

Oh the beauty of a garden whether it be the showcase of all the colours flowers bring, the textures different foliage show or the trunks, branches and leaves of trees, is something to behold in my garden.

My garden is not a showpiece but I like it.

When I built my house, all around me was mud-yes MUD, I wanted to plant a bush that not only will give my new place colour but also life. This bush has since reached its lifespan therefore replaced by multiple plants, bushes, some trees and fruit trees.

Gardening reminds me of my Ma who loved bringing home plants and my Pa (he's 97) who has such beautifully cared-for flowering potted plants and a vegetable garden.

Whether relaxing after a tough day or merely checking out what new life, bud or flower is in bloom my garden always delivers.

Gardening is good for my soul and body.

Gardening showcase 2020 13

Emma and Holly's garden

Young Gardener | Emma and Holly | Glengowrie

I love helping my mum in the garden, I find all the caterpillars on the plants and move them so the veggies don't get eaten. I like picking leaves to eat, we have lots of good ones and it helps me to be healthy. I love spotting the butterflies, the monarch butterfly is my favourite.

I go into the garden everyday and count how many tomatoes and zucchini we have. There are some small pumpkins there now too. Its exciting to see everything growing and I can't wait to try the veggies. I like looking for ladybirds on the plants but I'm scared of the bees but i know they are good for the plants.

Gardening showcase 2020 8

Oaklands Community Garden

Community Garden | Oaklands Community Garden | Marion

A sustainable orchard and community garden situated on Oliphant Avenue, Marion for the whole community to enjoy.