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The City of Marion has a unique coastline characterised by high cliffs, small coves and rocky beaches.

The coastal area also has the significant cultural presence of the Tjilbruke Dreaming Trail, as well as including the world famous geological formations at Hallett Cove.

The City of Marion has a number of projects that relate to the coast. See below for information on some of these.

'Treasuring our coast' workshop series

As part of our commitment to our coast, the City of Marion held a series of workshops themed Treasuring our Coast. Aimed at increasing awareness of coastal issues, the workshops engaged the community and encouraged their active involvement.

The workshops recognise that while council values and is committed to the coast, it is not solely responsible for it. They support collaboration between government and Council partners, as well as with community and between community groups. The workshops also assist council to identify priorities for future work, identify trends and seek ideas and priorities of participants.

Each workshop is held in a family friendly and relaxed environment.

Hallett Cove Coastal management study

The City of Marion and the State Government’s Coast Protection Board have completed a Coastal Management Study of the Hallett Cove foreshore.

The study included a 2.5km section of the Hallett Cove beach between the southern edges of council’s boundaries to the northern section of the beach directly in front of the Hallett Cove Conservation Park.

A coastal engineer was engaged to assess the current and potential future coastal management effects at Hallett Cove. This process has identified proactive management strategies that will be considered as part of a broader coastal management plan for the area.

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