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NRM education

Supporting schools' sustainability journey

NRM Education works with school and preschool communities to plan and manage ongoing sustainability initiatives.

The program is part of Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges and supports schools and preschools to embed sustainability principles within student learning and how the site is operated.

The City of Marion hosts NRM Education Officer, Sam Ryan, who works across the City of Marion and adjacent Council areas.

Photo: NRM Education at Warriparinga Wetlands for the BioBlitz.

Support and resources

NRM Education provides opportunities for students to take action on local environmental issues that will lead to improved educational and environmental outcomes linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Students, staff and parents are provided with resources and support. Activities include:

  • Investigating water and energy savings
  • Building frog ponds
  • Veggie beds and butterfly gardens
  • Managing food waste with worm farms and compost bins
  • Investigating wildlife in the yard and beyond.

Visit the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges website for more information.

Recent activities

The NRM Education team gets involved with a wide range of activities to get people involved with sustainability.

Recent highlights include surveying living things at the Warriparinga and Oaklands BioBlitzes, triggering children's interest in sowing seeds at Marion Celebrates, and a Butterfly Gardening talk at Tonsley’s Sustainability workshop series.

Photo: NRM Education at Warriparinga Wetlands for the BioBlitz

Keep informed of NRM news

NRM Education has a Weekly Digest which details all the up and coming grants, professional development sessions as well as other regional events and opportunities. While it is designed for schools and teachers, anyone can subscribe.

More information

For more information or resources, visit the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges website.

To find out how NRM Education can work with your school or preschool please email NRM Education.