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Energy efficiency

Learn more about being energy efficient

Make sure you are using your energy as efficiently as possible to reduce greenhouse gases and save money on energy bills – without compromising on lifestyle.

There are simple things you can do that can make a big impact on your energy usage and comfort at home.

Home Energy Audits

Investigate where you use your energy at home by undertaking an audit. You can borrow a Home Energy Audit Toolkit from any of our three libraries: Park Holme, Marion Cultural Centre, and Cove Civic Centre.

The kit includes a range of practical tools to help residents complete an energy audit of their own home.

Save Energy at Home

Get to understand your energy bills and learn how to read your meter. Once you have an understanding of how much energy you are using and where, you can make changes to reduce your use.

Learn about insulation, how to get the best thermal performance from your home, and the benefits of glazing and shading your house. Find out how to reduce your energy use in specific areas such as heating and cooling, water heating, lighting and appliances.

You can also explore the interactive energy efficient home.

Your Energy Savings 

Learn about energy efficiency, how to do a home assessment and how to save energy when building, renovating, buying and renting. This website also outlines how you can make changes in specific areas such as heating and cooling.

You may also like to see the Take Action tab in the main menu for a list of actions that you can sort and categories according to your interest (e.g. energy, water, waste, travel) and the impact, ease and cost savings associated with these actions.