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Street trees

The Tree Management Framework and Tree Management Policy have been developed to meet the changing nature of tree management principles in a strategic and sustainable way.

This includes a tree character vision for the city and tree management principles, which drive directions for trees in parks, reserves and streets.

The strategy and implementation of the framework and policy will assist the City of Marion to achieve distinctive tree characters across the city and to implement the principles in the Tree Management Policy.

Tree Management Framework

The Tree Management Framework reflects Council's strategic direction for all trees on Council land including streets, parks and reserves. 

The framework assists the City of Marion to guide the provision and management of these trees and appropriately 'green' the city to enhance biodiversity and habitat value over time, which will ultimately enhance the appeal and value of residential areas and the overall livability of the city.

Tree Management Policy

The Tree Management Policy provides further commitment to tree management with overriding directional policy principles.

Relevant sections of the framework

  • Parks and Reserves Tree Character Plan - See page 23 of Tree Management Framework.
  • Suggested Park and Reserves Species Lists - See page 58 of Tree Management Framework.
  • Street Tree Character Plan - See page 24 of Tree Management Framework.
  • Suggested Street Tree Species Lists - See page 67 of Tree Management Framework.
  • Illustrations of Proposed Trees - See page 76 of Tree Management Framework.