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Cement Hill

This site is referred to informally as "Cement Hill" or the "Lorenzin/Monier land".

The site is located prominently at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Scholefield Road, with the latter road being one of the main entrances into the predominantly residential areas of Seacliff Park, Kingston Park and Marino, and to a lesser extent Hallett Cove. The Boral Linwood Quarry access road is located adjacent the southern boundary of the site.

Although partly zoned for residential purposes, the site has historically been used for quarrying, concrete manufacturing, domestic land fill, concrete roofing tile manufacturing and as a depot for a construction company.

The remaining buildings and site conditions create a visually derelict appearance to the land, which has been a major issue for residents in the surrounding suburbs for many years. In addition there are known issues in relation to contamination and stormwater on the site and existing issues with traffic management in the surrounding area.

The relatively discrete nature of the site and its proximity to public transport provided an opportunity to explore medium density residential uses, local shopping facilities and public open space.

Redevelopment of the site provides an opportunity to address many of the issues associated with the site (contamination, stormwater, etc.)

Key Objectives

  • To encourage the redevelopment of the unsightly and contaminated former industrial land at the entrance/gateway to Marino.
  • To facilitate safer quarry vehicle access and a better arrangement between quarry traffic and residences.

Latest Update - December 2018

This is a long term project which involves the City of Marion, private land owners, the quarry operator and adjacent Holdfast Bay Council. In late 2012, two community workshops were held where issues associated with the possible uses for the land were discussed by the community and council staff of both councils. Prior to any redevelopment occurring on the site, the site needs to be rezoned and planning policy created that facilitates development of the land for the potential uses.

A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) process (mechanism for changing zones and policies) is currently being undertaken jointly by Holdfast Bay and Marion Councils. Government agency consultation has been completed.

Ministerial approval to place the document on public consultation has been received.

Prior to public consultation taking place, a number of issues associated with the site require addressing, in particular, the relocation of the quarry haulage road.

These issues will need to be addressed before the land can be rezoned and developed. The complex nature of these issues plays a large role in the reason why the land has been in a derelict state for so long.

The site has been cleaned up and all buildings have been demolished.

For further details on this project, please visit the Making Marion website link below.

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