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Underground electrical connections

Prior to any works being undertaken on Council property/roads (e.g. providing domestic power supply from the road to the house), a contractor must make an application for approval of the proposed works.

Please note that Council has a unique set of technical requirements specific to the City of Marion. For more information refer to the following document:

The application form is available as follows:

  • Council's Administration Centre, 245 Sturt Rd, Sturt
  • Mailed out upon request by calling 8375 6600
  • By downloading from the following document:

Please note that an original application form must be submitted to Council's Administration Centre, 245 Sturt Rd, Sturt for consideration. To ensure that all text and diagrams can be easily read, Council will not accept a faxed copy of the application.

There is no application fee.

Upon approval, a copy of the approved application will be returned to the Applicant/Electrician, by mail. If the application is not approved, a Council staff member will contact the applicant to discuss the matter.