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Housing Diversity DPA

Shaping your city's future

Project update

The DPA was submitted to the Minister for Planning, the Hon John Rau, on 22 December 2017.

Actions undertaken

  • Following consideration of community feedback, Council resolved to make a number of amendments to the DPA at its meeting on 7 December 2017 and can we viewed here:

The Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) document, which includes a response to all written and verbal submissions can be viewed here:

  • The public consultation period occurred between 19 September – 14 November 2017. Almost 300 submissions were received from the public and government agencies. Written submissions can be viewed here:
  • The public hearing occurred on Monday 20 November where 27 people addressed the Urban Planning Committee.
  • An Elected Members Forum was held on Tuesday 21 November where a number of changes to the DPA were suggested.
  • A Special Council Meeting was held on Monday 27 November where a number of changes to the DPA were endorsed. A copy of the Special Council Meeting Minutes which itemises the changes proposed to the DPA can be viewed here:

Next steps

Following the review of the DPA the Minister may accept, reject or vary any or all of the proposed amendment. Council is currently not aware of the likely timeframe in which the Minister's position will be known. All future updates will be made available on this webpage.

Council is not providing an updated interactive map, as proposed zone and zone boundaries are subject to change. Details on various policy areas including associated maps can be viewed below. The information below reflects the version of the DPA approved by Council and may be subject to change following consideration by the Minister for Planning.

Urban corridor

(Mitchell Park, Marion, Park Holme, Ascot Park, Plympton Park and South Plympton)

Suburban activity node zone

(Sturt, Seacombe Gardens, Dover Gardens, Warradale, Oaklands Park and Marion)

Residential character policy area 15

(Glandore, (Glandore, Edwardstown, Plympton Park and Glengowrie)Edwardstown, Plympton Park and Glengowrie)

Marion plains policy area 10

(Glandore, South Plympton, Glengowrie, Morphettville, Park Holme, Ascot Park, Warradale, Oaklands Park, Marion, Clovelly Park, Dover Gardens, Seacombe Gardens and Sturt)

Local and Neighbourhood Centre

(Located in most suburbs)

Foothills and coastal policy area 16

Escarpment policy area 19

(Darlington, Seacombe Heights, Seaview Downs, Seacliff Park and Marino)

Background information (2017)

Council intends to create new zones/policy areas and amend other existing zones/policy areas throughout the City. Each zone will have special rules around the size and density of developments.

The zones will generally provide for smaller allotment sizes in the southern suburbs. In the north, new residential character areas will be introduced and issues associated with infill developments (i.e. two or more new dwellings on a block) will be addressed. Taller buildings will be encouraged on train/tram corridors and some main roads.

The plan aims to align with the State Government’s 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

View the following information that has been sent to all residents.

Have your say

The community were able to provide their feedback using the following options:

  • Online submissions on the Making Marion website.
  • Written submissions
  • Community drop in sessions
  • Hard copy information  
  • Public Meeting A public meeting was held at the City of Marion Chambers on Monday 20 November, 6:00pm at which time interested persons were heard in relation to the DPA and the submissions.
  • Frequently asked questions FAQs
    View a list of frequently asked questions on the Making Marion website.

For other project updates, please view Making Marion website

You may view the Marion Housing Diversity DPA for Consultation document below (please note this is a very large file)

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