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Online lodgement

Applicants can now lodge their development applications and send development documents electronically to Council via our online lodgement website page.

Preparing a good quality application will result in a better outcome and assist us with lodging your application without any delays. Before you proceed, below is a list of documents required to be sent into Council so the process of your application can commence. Furthermore, these documents must be saved in a PDF format. Development applications submitted without the correct information will result in significant processing delays.

Below are a list of documents, with mandatory documents marked with an (*).

  • Development Application Form and Power Declaration Form. (*)
    (By accepting the Electronic Lodgement System you are not required to sign the Development Application form and Power Declaration Form.)
  • Site Plan (minimum scale 1:200). (*)
  • Floor plan and Elevations (minimum scale 1:100). (*)
  • Technical Specifications (for example manufacturer’s span tables, engineers report)
  • Supporting Documentation such as:
    • Certificate of Title to confirm site boundaries and easements on the property,
    • Construction Industry Training Levy Receipt (if building work exceeds $40,000)
    • Private Certified Decision Notification Form (Schedule 1A), etc.

Please ensure you include your email address at the time of submission to ensure a receipt of lodgement and any future development matters may then be sent to you via email.

If an email is received after business hours it will be deemed to be received the following business day.

Please note all development applications attract fees on the type of development being proposed. Our development administration team will contact you once the applicable fees have been determined in relation to your application.

For further assistance to lodge a Development Application, please refer to the 'Electronic lodgement system user guide' and required forms below.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8375 6600.