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Protect Our Streets

Marion Council is campaigning for a rewrite of the latest version of the State Government’s new planning laws that threaten to make our streets north of Seacombe Road hotter, noisier, and more congested.

Additionally, we want to see the laws amended to unleash the economic potential of Marion Road, and create jobs.

The campaign

We are telling the community and the State Government why we need the laws rewritten with a campaign that includes:

What Council is doing

Council has conducted extensive consultation to ensure its Housing Diversity Development Plan Amendment (DPA) reflected the wishes of the community – the draft Code places most of the approved changes in jeopardy.

Council is continuing to advocate for our community by seeking amendments to the draft Code.

Council made a formal submission to State Government in February this year to maintain minimum block sizes and frontages in the north of our city. This was backed by more than 680 submissions from the community.

What you can do

If you are concerned about the impacts of the Draft Planning and Design Code in the City of Marion, you can simply download and complete the letter template and email the State Planning Commission by 18 December 2020.

The Draft Planning and Design Code can be viewed on the PlanSA website.

More information

What is the Draft Planning and Design Code for South Australia?

All local government development plans will be replaced with one metropolitan, state-wide Planning and Design Code.

The code is being developed by the State Planning Commission and prescribes the types of development that can be built in a particular zone.

It is the state’s biggest planning reform in 20 years.

The code seeks to ‘simplify’ the State planning system and development assessment process by replacing individual Council Development Plans with one state‑wide document.

The number of development zones could reduce from 2500 to 55.

The code is a more than 3000 page document and is available on the PlanSA website.

Impacts of the Draft Planning and Design Code in the City of Marion

The draft Code would:

  • reduce space for trees and car parking, creating hotter, noisier and more congested streets between Seacombe Road and the tramline
  • allow people to pay into a fund rather than plant a tree on a new development
  • make it easier for lower quality housing developments to be approved
  • override limits to urban infill in the north of our city the State Government approved just last year
Amendments Council is seeking to the draft Code

• Maintaining approved minimum block sizes and frontages on subdivisions between Seacombe Road and the tramline

• Rezoning parts of Marion Road to support business growth

• Better quality local design standards

• No reduction to on-site and on street car parking at dwellings

What else you need to know
  • The draft code rejects our proposal.

  • Council received 680 statements of support in February this year for our submission to the State Government to amend its proposed new planning laws.
  • Council supports the modernisation of the planning system but believes the laws standardise housing to such an extent that suburbs will lose their character.
  • The easiest way for the government to help would be to retain the changes to the DPA the Planning Minister approved only last year.
  • Council is not anti-development. There are some parts of our city we are advocating for more dense development.
  • We have successfully worked with the State Government on important projects, including the Coastal Walkway, Oaklands Crossing, and Tonsley Innovation District.
  • We want to continue to work with the State Government to 'Protect Our Streets'.