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Air pollution


What is dust and where does it come from?

Dust is fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles comprised of earth and/or other matter.

Dust particles vary in size from visible to invisible and the smaller the particle, the longer it is likely to remain in the air and the further it is likely to travel. Larger dust particles generally fall out of the air relatively close to where they are generated and form the dust layers that may create a visible film on items such as furniture, furnishings, motor vehicles and other possessions.

Dust is generated by many different sources and activities within a community, such as:

  • Arid land and/or land clearing (exposed surfaces).
  • Construction, building and/or demolition work.
  • Roadworks.
  • Activities carried on around a home.

When should I report dust nuisance?

In the first instance, a person should try and discuss concerns with the people (e.g. neighbours) from where the nuisance is coming from, as they may not be aware that they are causing a nuisance. Concerns should be raised and discussed, and suggestions provided to resolve problems - simple solutions can often be found that satisfy everyone.

The City of Marion will only become involved if an issue within the community (e.g. between neighbours) cannot be resolved or if the nuisance is a broad-scale issue involving multiple parties.


If a dust nuisance is coming from an industrial premises, it may be a site that is licensed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and therefore not within the Council’s jurisdiction. These matters can be referred directly to the EPA.

Further information

Further information can be found on the Local Government Association website or:

City of Marion
Community Health and Safety Unit

In person: 245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047
Post: PO Box 21, Oaklands Park SA 5046

Environmental Protection Agency - South Australia 
In person: Level 8, 250 Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000 
Post: GPO Box 2607, Adelaide SA 5001