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Road closures

Temporary road closures for 2018 - 2019 Financial Year

Forrest Avenue, MarinoJan-Mar '19Drainage Construction
Heron Way, Hallett CoveJan-Apr '19Drainage Construction
John Street & Nelson Street; Wolseley Tce; Beaconsfield Tce; Seymour Tce, Ascot Park (staged closures)Nov '18-Jul '19

Drainage Construction

Filmer Avenue / Livingstone Street, GlengowrieOct-Dec '18Roundabout Construction
Addison Road, Warradale. Elgin Avenue to Struan Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Adelaide Terrace, Edwardstown. Dunorlan Road to Woodlands Terraceto be advisedRoad Construction
Alderman Avenue, Seacombe Gardens. Diagonal Road to Glamis Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Amaroo Road, Sheidow Park. Westall Way to Kiah CrescentCompleteRoad Construction
Andrew Avenue, Marion. Marion Road to Alison AvenueCompleteRoad Construction
Balmoral Avenue, Warradale. Diagonal Road to Lindley Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Barkuna Avenue, Mitchell Park. Maldon Avenue to McInerney Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Barton Drive, Sheidow Park. Young Street to Fisher AvenueCompleteRoad Construction
Boonga Street, Hallett Cove. Peera Street to Endto be advisedRoad Construction
Branch Street, Sheidow Park. Platform Avenue to Heritage DriveCompleteRoad Construction
Castle Street, Edwardstown. Railway Terrace to Theodore Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Chambers Street, Park Holme. Marion Road to Endto be advisedRoad Construction
Clubhouse Road, Seacliff Park. Golf Club to Quarry Entranceto be advisedRoad Construction
Dalkeith Avenue, Dover Gardens. Seacombe Road to Clacton Roadto be advisedRoad Construction
Davenport Terrace, Seaview Downs. Synett Avenue to John StreetCompleteRoad Construction
Day Street, Sturt. Darling Street to Brolga Placeto be advisedRoad Construction
Dunrobin Road, Warradale. Second  Avenue to Boundary Holdfast Bayto be advisedRoad Construction
Filmer Avenue, Glengowrie. Bells Road to Johnstone Roadto be advisedRoad Construction
Finchley Street, Clovelly Park. Daws Road to Norrie Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Finniss Street, Marion. Jacob Street to Joseph Streetpart complete, to be advisedRoad Construction
Gardenia Street, Seacliff Park. Great Ocean Boulevard to Clubhouse Roadto be advisedRoad Construction
Gawler Street, Seaview Downs. Eyre Avenue to EndCompleteRoad Construction
Geneva Court, Mitchell Park. McInerney Avenue to Cul-De-Sacto be advisedRoad Construction
Grace Road, Darlington. Aaron Avenue to Cul-De-SacCompleteRoad Construction
Grand Central Avenue, Hallett Cove. Railway Bridge to Seaview AvenueCompleteRoad Construction
Great Eastern Avenue, Sheidow Park. Young Street to Platten StreetCompleteRoad Construction
Hale Street, Seacombe Heights. Galway Avenue to Morphett Roadto be advisedRoad Construction
Hampden Link, Glengowrie. Whiteleaf Crescent to Baker Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Hendrie Street, Morphettville. Austral Terrace to Bray Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Holdfast Drive, Sheidow Park. Southbank Boulevard to Curlew StreetCompleteRoad Construction
Hurley Court, Mitchell Park. Hewett Avenue to Cul-De-Sacto be advisedRoad Construction
Ingleton Drive, Hallett Cove. Freebairn Drive to Brampton CourtCompleteRoad Construction
Karu Crescent, Mitchell Park. McInerney Avenue South to McInerney Avenue Northto be advisedRoad Construction
Kelsey Avenue, Mitchell Park. Lanark Avenue to Hewett Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Kelvin Avenue, Warradale. Dunrobin Road to Ormonde Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Kingston Avenue, Seacombe Gardens. Sweetwater to Glamis Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Lander Road, Sheidow Park. Werlinga Drive to Adams RoadCompleteRoad Construction
Laurence Street, Dover Gardens. Sturt Road to Vinall Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Lepena Crescent, Hallett Cove. Lerunna Avenue to Capella DriveCompleteRoad Construction
Levi Court, Sheidow Park. Platten Street to Cul-De-SacCompleteRoad Construction
Limbert Avenue, Seacombe Gardens. Morphett Road to Reid Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Lynton Avenue, Mitchell Park. Bradley Grove South to Bradley Grove Northto be advisedRoad Construction
Maesbury Circuit, Sturt. Inverell Avenue to Maesbury Circuitto be advisedRoad Construction
Maldon Avenue, Mitchell Park. Woodmere Avenue to Kenmay Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Manunda Way, Hallett Cove. Moonta Street to EndCompleteRoad Construction
Menzies Court, Trott Park. Barton Drive to EndOct-Dec '18Road Construction
Minkie Avenue, Mitchell Park. Mcfarlane Avenue to Raggatt Crecentto be advisedRoad Construction
Montague Drive, Sheidow Park. Great Eastern Avenue to Putland DriveCompleteRoad Construction
Mostyn Road, Darlington. Stella Street to Ridgecrest AvenueCompleteRoad Construction
Newton Avenue, Clovelly Park. South Road to Wingfield Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Norrie Avenue, Clovelly Park. Finchley Street to Beverley Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Nunyah Avenue, Park Holme. Bowaka Street to Rotorua Avenueto be advisedRoad Construction
Parson Street, Sturt. Melbourne Street to Travers Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Platform Avenue, Sheidow Park. Islington Drive to Encounter RoadCompleteRoad Construction
Platten Street, Sheidow Park. Great Eastern Avenue to Montague DriveCompleteRoad Construction
Quintus Terrace, Dover Gardens. Seacombe Road to Folkestone Roadto be advisedRoad Construction
Raglan Avenue, Edwardstown. Towers Terrace to Railway Terraceto be advisedRoad Construction
Railway Terrace, Edwardstown. Cross Road to Castle Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Ralph Street, Sturt. Embert Avenue to Parson Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Rayner Court, Mitchell Park. Hewett Avenue to Cul-De-Sacto be advisedRoad Construction
Rees Street, Sheidow Park. Heysen Drive to Bryan StreetCompleteRoad Construction
Rugby Street, Dover Gardens. Sturt Road to Crown Streetto be advisedRoad Construction
Sixth Avenue, Ascot Park. Railway Line to IntersectionCompleteRoad Construction
South Avenue, Hallett Cove. The Cove Road to First StreetCompleteRoad Construction
Spinnaker, Sheidow Park. Berrima Road to Stern CloseCompleteRoad Construction
Tarranna Avenue, Plympton Park. Peake Street to Endto be advisedRoad Construction
The Cove Road , Hallett Cove. Dutchman Drive to Barossa Crescent NorthCompleteRoad Construction
The Cove Road -Northbound, Hallett Cove. Lonsdale Highway to Genesta StreetCompleteRoad Construction
The Cove Road -Northbound, Hallett Cove. Pavana Crescent to RailwayCompleteRoad Construction
Valkyrie Street, Hallett Cove. The Cove Road to Sovereign StreetCompleteRoad Construction
Warakilla Road, Trott Park. Warakilla Court to Attunga StreetJan-Mar '19Road Construction
Waterman Terrace, Mitchell Park. Geraldine Avenue to Dead EndCompleteRoad Construction
Waterman Terrace, Mitchell Park. Sampson Road to Lodge StreetCompleteRoad Construction
Westcliff Court, Marino. The Cove Road to Southern EndCompleteRoad Construction
Wilkins Street, Glengowrie. Harding Street to Bells Roadto be advisedRoad Construction
Woodend Road, Sheidow Park. Southbank Boulevard to Charles Tank DriveCompleteRoad Construction

* Intermittent road closures are implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act.

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