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Bin tagging education program

The City of Marion has partnered with Green Industries SA and SOLO Resource Recovery to deliver a bin tagging education program in an effort to reduce contamination in recycling bins and increase recycling rates.

Waste audits in the City of Marion have shown that significant amounts of recyclables are being placed in the waste bin and that contamination in recycling bins has risen over time.

Incorrect items commonly found in recycling bins include:

  • Recyclable items inside plastic bags.
  • Soft plastic bags, wrappers and packets.
  • Polystyrene foam.
  • Clothing, fabric and shoes.

How the bin tagging program works

A team conducts a series of fortnightly inspections of waste and recycling or organics bins in randomly selected streets.

Each visit involves a visual inspection of the top 30cm of bin contents when the bins are on the kerb for collection.

Bins will be inspected three to four times. Feedback is provided to residents on the way they recycle in the form of one of the following tags attached to bin handles:

  • Thank you - your efforts help recycle valuable resources.
  • We ask one small favour - for removing items spotted in your bin that shouldn't be in there.

Two further inspections will occur within 12 months after the tagging to provide feedback on recycling improvements within neighbourhoods and to find out the long-term impacts of the education program on recycling behaviour.

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