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Dumped rubbish

Leaving rubbish or unwanted furniture on the footpath, nature strip, in a park, laneway or street, or next to a bin is illegal.

Dumping household waste in public areas makes neighbourhoods look bad and upsets the majority of people who are doing the right thing. Dumping hazardous waste, including asbestos and chemicals, is dangerous.

Illegal dumping is not only unsightly, it can put public health and safety at risk. Cleaning up illegal dumping also incurs costs.

Report illegally dumped rubbish

If you see dumped rubbish in the City of Marion, please report it immediately by:

  • calling the City of Marion or sending an email
  • Citizen notification via the Environment Protection Authority.

Dob in a Litterer website/app

Where the rubbish or litter occurs from a vehicle or trailer, you can utilise the Dob in a Litterer Program via their website or downloading the app. Find out more on the Dob in a Litterer website (refer to link below).

Report abandoned shopping trolleys

Discarding of trolleys on council footpaths also constitutes illegal dumping and fines do apply.

The trolley owner (eg. Coles or Target) is responsible for collection. Our Abandoned trolleys page lists all contact details for reporting abandoned trolleys in your neighbourhood (refer to link below).

What is Council doing to tackle illegal dumping?

The City of Marion's educational program to deter illegal dumping involves taping around illegally dumped rubbish with 'crime scene' tape, letterboxing neighbouring households, and investigating the issue with local residents. This process results in approximately 40% of the illegally dumped rubbish being removed and disposed of correctly.

Additional actions include:

  • Working with City of Marion Safety Inspectors, local residents and the EPA to levy fines upon people found dumping illegally.
  • Delivering high visibility stickers to show when a hard rubbish collection has been booked.
  • Running targeted education campaigns to increase awareness of good waste management practices.
  • Using surveillance cameras at known dumping hotspots.

People caught illegally dumping risk fines of up to $120,000 or two years’ imprisonment.

Find out how to get rid of unwanted furniture and other household items, recycling and kerbside bin collections on our Council website (refer to links below).

Please remember...

Dispose of your own waste in the correct manner.

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