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Native Verge Display Garden

Check out the native verge display garden on Bradley Grove at Mitchell Park Sports and Community Centre.

Why create a native verge garden?

Native verge gardens green our neighbourhoods, cool our streets and provide habitat for wildlife. Small birds, skinks, butterflies and native bees use native plants for food and shelter. Native gardens can help them to move across our suburbs.

Plant selection

The verge garden on Bradley Grove has native plants that:

  • are hardy and well suited to the local environment
  • have varied flowering times for a constant show
  • have diverse colours, textures and sizes to create a visually appealing and dynamic garden.

Use these tips to design your own native garden!

Plant species list
  1. Elegant Spear-grass - Austrostipa elegantissima
  2. Sweet Apple Berry - Billardiera cymosa
  3. Common Everlasting - Chrysocephalum apiculatum
  4. Native Bindweed - Convolvulus remotus
  5. Scent Grass - Cymbopogon ambiguus
  6. Black-anther Flax-lily - Dianella revoluta
  7. Silky Blue-grass - Dicanthium sericeum
  8. Native Flax - Linum marginale
  9. Sticky Goodenia - Goodenia varia
  10. Native Lilac - Hardenbergia violacea
  11. Wallaby grass - Austrodanthonia spp.
  12. Blue-Rod - Stemodia florulenta
  13. Kangaroo Grass - Themeda triandra

Follow the Verge Development Guidelines

It is important to follow the City of Marion’s Verge Development Guidelines.

Remember to:

  • maintain your verge - eg watering and pruning
  • leave room on your verge for car doors and bins
  • leave clear sight lines for vehicles and pedestrians.