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Council branches out with new interactive tree map

Taking a stroll down a Jacaranda lined street is a popular pastime for many Adelaideans in late spring and early summer. And it seems, we aren’t the only ones taking a keen interest in trees across our city.

In July, Marion Council uploaded an interactive tree map to its website showing where street trees lay within the council area.

People as far away as the US and Europe have been logging on to view it. “For the first time we have the capability to showcase the dynamic work we undertake daily to ensure our communities have a healthy urban forest,” Council Arboriculture Coordinator Ian Seccafien said.

“At the click of a button they can see where future planting will be undertaken over the next six years, what species we are proposing to use and once planted, see how frequently we are watering the trees.

“They can see when we are undertaking pruning and other maintenance activities and if the tree outside their house has been visited in the past 12 months.”

Mr Seccafien said the public can also view the City’s top 10 most planted species and their locations.

“We are finding residents are becoming more receptive to our planting initiatives and want to become involved, and we are slowly changing the negative perceptions around trees and the issues they cause.”