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O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park

A network of walking trails, horse trails, fire tracks and a bicycle veloway enable visitors to enjoy this large southern suburbs park which is also the home of the Sturt Pistol Club, the Southern Field Archers Club and is also a regular venue for model aircraft flying.

Although the entire area was cleared and used for grazing for more than 90 years, shady trees located throughout the park still provide pleasant picnic spots.

Frequently asked questions


The reserve is located just south of the Eden fault line. Underlying rock formations are from the Precambrian Umberatana Group.

A bluestone quarry near South Road is still visible and was used for many of the old structures in the city of Adelaide. Both north-west and north-east sections of the park are characterised by deeply divided gullies with steep side slopes.

Flora and fauna

The entire vegetation of the park has been cleared in the past and very little natural vegetation remains.

Important stands of Grey Box eucalypts are found throughout the park and include vegetation communities which are poorly represented throughout the Adelaide Hills.

Other species include:

  • Golden Wattle
  • Bull Oak
  • Melaleuca species
  • Grevillea and Hakea

Various organisations and volunteers have undertaken tree planting, enabling the area to develop into an important and attractive urban bushland resource.


You can enter the park from two main public access points along Majors Road, close to Ocean Boulevard and opposite the southern portion of the old Morphett Road.

Vehicle parking is limited at these locations.

Pedestrian access points are also located along Davenport Terrace, the south-eastern ends of Ridgefield Avenue, Greenfield Road and Fowler Street.

Visitors can also access the park via the bicycle veloway track which is located on both sides of the Southern Expressway bisecting the track.


There are no visitor facilities or amenities.

Can I walk my dog in the park?

Dogs are welcome in this park.

Please ensure you:

  • Keep your dog under control and on a lead no more than two metres in length.
  • Stick to designated walking trails.
  • Bring disposable bags to clean up your dog’s faeces (please be aware there are no bins in national parks).

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