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Greyhound off-leash sessions

Saturday 22 May, 2021
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Community event
Council events
Skye greyhound web by Jon Wah

This free event will be held within the dog park at Reserve Street Reserve, Trott Park, from 9am on Saturday, 22 May.

There will be four 45-minute sessions. To allow as many dogs as possible an opportunity to participate, we ask participants to register their dog for one session only.

*Please read our Terms and Conditions below before making a booking.

Please register for one of the following times:

9am – 9.45am

10am – 10.45am

11am – 11.45am

12 midday - 12.45pm

To register for this event, owners must enter their details and information about their dog.

Spots are limited, please register by the 30 April 2021.

There is a maximum of 15 dogs in each session.

Event participants will be required to read and agree to the event Terms and Conditions. The conditions of entry aim to create a safe and enjoyable event for all participants.

On site at the event, dog owners will be required to sign and agree to the Terms and Conditions of entry as follows:

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Only greyhounds with a muzzle exemption will be allowed.
  • You will need to provide evidence of your dog's muzzle exemption when entering the fenced dog park.
  • Only greyhounds who have been registered to attend the event will be allowed entry to the session booked.
  • Sessions are 45 minutes with time allowed for you and your dog to leave the site at the end of your allocated time slot.
  • Strictly no foster greyhounds allowed.
  • Strictly no other dog breeds are allowed, including mixed breeds.
  • Your dog must wear a collar at all times, in case you need to attach a leash quickly.
  • You must supervise your dogs within the fenced area at all times.
  • Any children attending this event must be supervised at all times.
  • No balls or toys are to be used in the dog park.
  • Council's Community Safety Inspectors will be onsite to monitor the event.
  • At the discretion of Council staff, any antisocial behaviour which endangers other dogs or patrons could result in the owner and greyhound being asked to leave the session.
  • All greyhounds at the event must have a designated "owner or handler" during the booked session.

At the event:

  • Check in with your dog when you arrive on site and acknowledge you have read and agree to the event's Terms and Conditions.
  • Your dog must be leashed when arriving at and leaving the dog park.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can check your booking and your dog's muzzle exemption.
  • Dogs can only be let off leash inside the dog park during the allocated session time.

Council have worked in conjunction with Greyhounds as Pets and the Dog and Cat Management Board to deliver this exciting event.

Event cancellation:

This is an outdoor event and may be cancelled due to inclement weather including severe weather warnings or if the temperature is forecast for more than 32 degrees.

The event may be cancelled up until 8 am on the day. If the event is cancelled all registered event attendees will be notified. Please make sure you include your contact number in your registration so we can contact you.

A cancellation notification will also appear on the event listing on the City of Marion website off-leash

** Please note that the Reserve Street Reserve Dog Park will not be allowing any other dog breeds into the park until the greyhound off-leash event has concluded.**


Business / Organisation Name:
Community Safety Team
8375 6842


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