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Discuss with Evelyn Pollard your working from home obligations

Thursday 14 May, 2020
11:00AM - 12:00PM
Information session
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Many businesses have put in place arrangements for staff to work from home during the COVID-19. As a business owner/leader, there are several processes that need to be considered to ensure your staff can work safely at home to minimise the risk of injury or harm and meet your obligations under the Work Health Safety legislation. In addition, the setting of boundaries and expectations are equally important to ensure that the arrangement is successful for both you and your staff member.

Join Evelyn as she facilitates a discussion focused on exploring what you need to have in place to ensure your staff are safe when working from home.

Evelyn Pollard Consulting

Drawing upon extensive experience in human resource management, work health safety, injury management, customer service, change management and continuous improvement, Evelyn works closely with businesses to navigate the complex legislative environment that surrounds looking after their people. Evelyn has assisted businesses across many industry sectors including childcare, hospitality, retail, engineering, fitness, local and state government, manufacturing, hair and beauty, and transport.


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This session will be delivered online. You will be provided with access information once you have registered.

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