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You are what you think

Tuesday 21 January
Resident, Business, Adult
Cost - $49.00

Let's explore what happens in our minds ...

Have you ever wondered why you attract the same people or events into your life? Good or not so good. Do you wonder why some people seem to have a smoother path through life, whilst for others it's rocky or complicated? Do you know anyone who says, 'That always happens to me'?

We are literally a product of what we tell ourselves and for many of us that may be decades of negative utterances. All this can be changed by choosing different words and different thoughts.

Imagine ditching an old and useless paradigm because you are able to learn new self-talk patterns. Does that sound appealing?

I spent decades of being terrified of speaking in front of others, until one day my Dad said, 'You can get away with a lot when you have silver hair.'

Join a small-ish group of open-minded and consciously aware people to explore 'You are what you think' and discover how that flippant comment changed my path forever.

Included is a manual, with some tips and a list of 'must read' books that will expand your understanding of the power of the mind and the importance of gratitude.

Presented by Gail Ruth Miller.


Business Marion


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