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Bandon Terrace Reserve on site meeting

On Wednesday 17 May 2019, Council held a public meeting to discuss the landscaping changes at the reserve at Bandon Terrace Reserve.

Having received considerable feedback, we have developed some alternative options to help guide the discussion and decision making process. These are not fixed and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

The three solutions we wish to present are:

  • Option 1 – Retain the reserve in its current state but look for efficiencies in irrigation to reduce water usage.
  • Option 2 – Continue with the current concept plan. Some modifications have been made with a reduction in the mulch and plantings underneath some of the shade trees.
  • Option 3 – Continue with the native plantings underneath the trees and retain the kikuyu grass for 12 months. In addition create test areas for different types of native grasses. Following the trial, we would seek community interest in whether there was an appetite to re-visit the native grass planting.

The options will be made available on Making Marion in early May for further consultation (subject to Council endorsement).


Bandon Terrace Reserve in Marino is a neighbourhood playground which is scheduled in the Playground Framework to be upgraded.

Project Timescales
2017/2018 Financial Year | Design and consultation
2018/2019 Financial Year | Construction

Design and Consultation

View the concept plan and Community Engagement Report below.

Existing playground

Currently it is an open space playground with beautiful ocean views.

Bring children of all ages to play; with infant swings, multistation with slide, 3 on 3 Basketball ring or hard cricket pitch for the older children.

It's a short walk to the rocky beach for even more fun.

Nearby Points of Interest

Marino Rocks Greenway | City to Marino Rocks

This reserve is situated along the Marino Rocks Greenway.  The Marino Rocks Greenway connects the City to the Coast to Vines Rail Trail.


Nearby parks

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