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Breakout Creek Reserve in Glengowrie is a local playground that was upgraded in 2018 (opened 20 April 2018).

The reserve features a mini bike circuit, nature play elements, a basket swing and a multistation with a climbing wall, climbing net and slide.

There are established tress which provide a shady setting, along with a picnic table and drinking fountain.

The Butler Crescent frontage is fenced, though access is through an open chicane. The Maxwell Terrace frontage is fully fenced with a gate.

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Design and consultation

Mike Turtur Bikeway | City to Glenelg

The City of Marion has a number of reserves along or near to the Mike Turtur Bikeway (listed from the City to Glenelg). Why not spend a day exploring them?

Club | YMCA Glengowrie

Breakout Creek Reserve is home to YMCA Glengowie. Gymnastics classes are held in the hall for children up to 13 years of age. The hall is also available for hire.


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