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Glade Crescent Reserve is a regional playground which was upgraded in 2013 with the wetland development upgrade and new shades sails added in 2017.  This reserve is situated along the Coast to Vines Rail Trail.

There is a grassed terraced amphitheatre, additional car parking, security lighting, enhanced planting and open space.


The playground has features for all ages, including a large zip-line flying fox, two basket swings, three mound slides under shade sails and a climbing block structure.

The sandpit hides a secret treasure... (hint: you might become a paleontologist!)

Glade Crescent Wetland

In 2017 the Glade Crescent Wetland was developed as part of our commitment to being a Water Sensitive City.  Find out more on our website.

Coast to Vines Rail Trail | Marino to Willunga

There are a number of parks and playgrounds on or near to the Coast to Vines Rail Trail (listed from coast to vines).

Take your time and explore our other smaller parks along your journey.

Waterfall Creek Linear Park | Hallett Cove

This reserve is situated along Waterfall Creek Linear Park (listed from east to west).

Why not set out on an adventure and visit all three?


2014 Regional Awards | Parks and Leisure Australia (SA/NT)

In 2014 Glade Crescent Reserve was awarded the Parks and Leisure Australia award.


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