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Nature Play Area

There's plenty of natural elements to explore and challenge children's senses.

Future construction engineers can hone their building skills with the digger and, with some teamwork, they could build a dam and forge a river from the water spout at the top of the sandpit - or spend hours of collaborative play attempting too....

An elevated wooden-mirrored sand table is set beside the concrete path and designed to be wheelchair accessible for inclusive sand play.

Two small children or one child-at-heart-adult can spin-out on the shallow metal spinner. Established trees have been retained and provide a shady refuge in this natural setting.

A large grassy kick-about area south of the nature play area is large enough to kick a ball around or play a game of chasie.

Active Area

The top of the reserve features active play equipment for the more adventurous at heart.

A tall climbing-net, shaded with a sail, will challenge the most nimble of climbers to get to the top and take in the view. No need to get down the usual way - on this climb you can exit out a rope bridge and down a slide.

Giant boulders and logs circle the tall climbing net so it seems that every thing connected to this space is magnified. Test your skills and see if you can get around the ring without losing your balance.

A basket swing is situated above the climbing net area which is relaxing for one or fun for a few; basket swings allow for an inclusive experience for people not usually able to access swings.

Sports Area


There is an accessible toilet on the Gully Road side of the reserve - find out more about the artwork further down the page.

A picnic table, shelter and wheelchair accessible BBQ overlook the active area, but there is still a good line of sight to the nature play and sports area.

A drinking fountain, with dog water bowl, is located near the nature play area.

Seating is also located at various spots through the reserve.

Disabled access parking and some off-street parking is available on the Gully Road side of the reserve.

Public Art

The previous playground featured retro rockers that have been refurbished and given a new lease on life - they no longer rock but they still draw children to them to have a "ride".

The bespoke artwork on the toilet was designed to reflect the site, concept design and reference retro rockers.

Spend some time and see if you can find all the animals:

  • 1 Fox
  • 1 Kookaburra
  • 1 Lizard
  • 1 Parrot
  • 1 Possum
  • 1 Snake
  • 2 Eyes (what could they be?)
  • 2 Koalas
  • 4 Kangaroos
  • 12 Birds in the sky
  • An army of Ants

Design and consultation

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