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Hendrie Street Reserve - Inclusive Playground, Park Holme

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Hendrie Street
Playground suitability:
All ages
Hendrie Street Reserve Inclusive Playspace Fruit Crate House
This is an off-leash park where dogs can exercise off-leash, except within 5 metres of a playground, at a wetland or when organised sport is being played.


In a South Australian first, a new inclusive playground at Hendrie Street Reserve in Park Holme has been designed to cater for all ages and abilities and includes elements for a broad range of disabilities. Consideration has been given to children who may have mobility issues, vision / hearing impairments and spectrum disorders such as autism.

This playground will be a regional playground for the City of Marion.

Find out more on Making Marion.

Public art

Dig and Delve is a giant shovel-shaped sculpture by Laura Wills and William Cheesman at the centre of the playground.  Find out more about them on our Art in public places webpage.

Design and consultation


2016 Awards for Excellence | Parks and Leisure Australia (SA/NT)

Hendrie Street Reserve won the award in the Leisure and/or Open Space: Planning category for the Parks and Leisure Australia (SA/NT) 2016 Awards for Excellence for “Everyone Can Play – Planning in Partnership for an Inclusive Playspace”.


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Hendrie Street Reserve Inclusive Playspace Fruit Crate House

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