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Heron Way Reserve in Hallett Cove was developed as part of the Hallett Cove Foreshore Master Plan.

The reserve features a commemorative space, regional playground, fitness equipment along with picnic facilities. It is adjacent to Grand Central Avenue Reserve.

Heron Way consists of four key projects:

Stage 6 Cafe Plaza Car Park

The Stage 6 Café Plaza and Carpark scope of works included new concrete paths, retainer walling and minor landscaping works. A footpath was installed connecting Heron Way Reserve to the carpark which included a new handrail. The project was completed in October 2020.

Stage 5 Amphitheater

Construction on Grand Central Avenue Reserve is complete. The eastern side of the reserve has an amphitheater to accommodate large-scale events (e.g. Remembrance Day, Anzac Day).

The site boasts spectacular ocean views of the ocean as the reserve slopes down towards the foreshore. The western side of the reserve is a sloping grassy area - great for picnics with a view.

Stage 4 Playground Upgrade

The Stage 4 playground upgrade is complete.

It features an iconic 5-way swing, enjoy with four friends, or go solo and enjoy the views.

A tunnel slide takes you on a wild adventure down the slope, at the perfect speed.

Water and sand lovers will enjoy the water play area with sandpit, logs and concrete features which provide a climbing challenge or seating for those who prefer not to get wet.

A plank and step balance path takes you to the top of the playground for spectacular views.

Most of the playground is under large shade sails, making it the perfect destination for a play date on a sunny day.

Stage 1 Commemorative Space

This Stage 1 upgrade is finished.

The commemorative space at the centre of the reserve is designed for large scale events. Services for Anzac Day and Remembrance Day are held each year.



Commemorative Space

Hallett Cove Foreshore Panorama Anzac Day 2015 Ben Heide Photography

Fitness Equipment

This could be the most spectacular setting you ever work out at. Overlooking the beach, the static equipment is a perfect spot for some inspirational exercise.

To see how to use the equipment, watch the video.


This reserve has all the facilities for a long stay as well as large scale community events. A toilet, with artwork relating to the geology of the area, is situated at the southern end of the reserve.

There are many shelters, seats, picnic tables and BBQs for meals and celebrations. The drinking fountain is equipped with a dog drinking bowl for the pooches.

Beach and Reserve

The beach is a combination of sand and ocean pebbles, with a wooden staircase leading down to it. From the top of the reserve there are sweeping views along the coast in both directions.

Tjilbruke Dreaming Track

The coastal area along Hallett Cove was of major cultural and mythological significance to the Kaurna people. It was on this beach that Tjilbruke created a fresh water spring which he gave to the people. The presence of permanent springs enabled the semi-nomadic Kaurna to establish their summer campsites in this area. Fish, shellfish and crustaceans were the major food source.

Archaeological surveys have unearthed numerous campsites, some of which date back 6,000 years. Of particular archaeological significance is an area of Pliocene sandstone which the people used for making stone tools. This is the only place in South Australia where Pliocene sandstone was made into tools.


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2015 Awards of Excellence | Parks and Leisure Australia (SA/NT)

The Hallett Cove Foreshore Master Plan received a high commendation in the Parks and Leisure Australia (SA/NT) 2015 Awards of Excellence in the category Leisure and/or Open Space: Planning.


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