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Mostyn Road Reserve Facilities Picnic 7
This is an off-leash park where dogs can exercise off-leash, except within 5 metres of a playground, at a wetland or when organised sport is being played.

There are no toilets at this reserve. Find the nearest one on the National Public Toilet Map.

Mostyn Road Reserve in Darlington features stunning views, picnic facilities, water sensitive design and public art.


The stunning views of the city will take your breath away when you visit this reserve.  The views are truly spectacular and expansive.

Sheltered picnic tables and BBQs make this a great short-stop of a quick lunch on top of the world.  Venture onto the observation deck to see the city from a different angle.

The reserve has hard-surface paths at the top of the reserve, the paths in the lower section are compacted gravel.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Mostyn Road Reserve features a stormwater swale and retention pond.  Bridges give access at three points across the swale.  This design allows stormwater run-off to flow through the reserve and mitigate flooding.

Public Art

There are some wonderful mosaic bench seats at the top of the reserve on Peregrine Court that were created as part of Carclew City Sites 2004.


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