Caretaker Period
City of Marion observes caretaker conventions related to the upcoming Council Election. During Caretaker Period, we will apply our Caretaker Policy while continuing the business-as-usual operations of the organisation.
Caretaker Policy
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Tarturninthi Facilities Bridge 1
This is an off-leash park where dogs can exercise off-leash, except within 5 metres of a playground, at a wetland or when organised sport is being played.

There are no toilets at this reserve. Find the nearest one on the National Public Toilet Map.

Tarturninthi is adjacent to Trowbridge Avenue Reserve.

Although situated next to a busy road, it only takes a few steps for the calming effect of this site to take hold.  Ducks regularly congregate in the pond and the winding overflow river has bridges should it get full on a stormy day.

There are a seats through the reserve and various pathways connecting across.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

The wetland mitigates flooding in the area, acting as a storm-water retention basin.  Find out more about our commitment to being a Water Sensitive City on our Water management page.


In April 1997 these new wetlands were named Tartonendi (now Tarturninthi) which is a Kaurna word meaning "transforming the land into wetlands".



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