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Coastal Walkway Closures

Coastal Walkway Closures

Marion Council has temporarily closed a section of the 20-year-old Coastal Walkway between Marino and Hallett Cove for repairs.

Diversions are in place between Murto Parade, Marino, and Peera Street, Hallett Cove so people can enjoy the remainder of the walkway.

The Coastal Walkway runs about 8km in Marion from Marino Esplanade to Hallett Cove Headland Reserve. The section that has been temporarily closed is about 2.5km.

A section of about 80m adjacent to Marino Rocks boat ramp and about 60m of path on Marino Parade, immediately north of Allan Street, has also been temporarily closed.

July 2019 Coastal Walkway Flyer

View the maps below for more information on the closed areas

Why was the section closed?

An engineering audit recommended part of the walkway should be closed as a safety precaution while repair work is undertaken.

As a result of a routine inspection, staff engaged an engineer to undertake a detailed assessment of the walkway.

The engineers recommended repair work to timber boardwalks and footings along parts of the structure.

The walkway was built in the late 1990s and parts of it are coming to the end of their natural life.

What will happen next?

A further assessment of the walkway is about to begin while the extent of the repair works and costs are being scoped out.

When will the section re-open?

Council is expected to consider a report detailing the further assessment and repairs required in September. This will help decide when the section is re-opened.

Stay informed

Updates will be provided on this page, our Facebook page, and in the local Coast City Weekly newspaper.