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Coastal Walkway – section reopens on schedule

Section reopens on schedule

Marion Council has reopened 2kms of the Coastal Walkway, completing the latest stage of repairs on schedule.

This follows three months of intensive engineering work to the bulk of a 2.5km section of the boardwalk which was forced to close following safety concerns.

The only stretches of the 8km walkway that remain closed are Kurnabinna and Grey Road gullies in Hallett Cove, which is about 500 metres.

Diversions are in place around the gullies.

Repairs have cost about $238,000 and included detailed geotechnical investigations, assessing the condition of about 560 footings, installing new timber bracing and inserting metal rods to improve stability.

The walkway is about 20 years old.

Future renewal

Council endorsed a $4.8 million plan to upgrade and renew further sections of the 8km walkway on 26 November.

The Coastal Walkway Plan includes investigating design realignment and rebuilding Kurnabinna and Grey Road gullies and completing the linkage of walkway between Heron Way Reserve and Field River.

Council has committed $2.44 million, and will seek matching funding from State or Federal governments to complete the necessary renewal work.

Council has developed a long-term renewal plan to completely rebuild the structures, which would cost an estimated $14.5 million over 10 years.

Please click below to see the media release announcing the reopening.

Please click below to see the Coastal Walkway letter

The map below shows the sections that are currently accessible:


Diversions were put in place so people could enjoy the remainder of the walkway.

Sections at Marino Rocks Boat Ramp and Marine Parade were reopened in October.

Council reopened 2kms of the walkway in February 2020.

The Coastal Walkway runs about 8km in Marion from Marino Esplanade to Hallett Cove Headland Reserve.

Why was the section closed?

An engineering audit recommended part of the walkway should be closed as a safety precaution while repair work is undertaken.

As a result of a routine inspection, staff engaged an engineer to undertake a detailed assessment of the walkway.

The engineers recommended repair work to timber boardwalks and footings along parts of the structure.

The walkway was built in the late 1990s.

Are local cafes still accessible?

The Marino Rocks Café and the Boatshed Café are open and accessible.

What plans does Council have to protect the walkway into the future?

Council will seek to address the impact of stormwater and erosion on the Coastal Walkway as part of a broader Coastal Walkway Asset Management Plan it will receive in November 2020.

Stay informed

Updates will be provided on this page, our Facebook page, and in the local Coast City Weekly newspaper.