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Warriparinga Wetlands

Warriparinga is a unique site in the heart of Marion, known for its natural beauty, outdoors recreation, native plants and animals as well as a place for cultural and environmental education.

It is significant for its Kaurna, European and environmental features. The Kaurna Aboriginal words Warri Parri means “windy place by the river”.

Warriparinga is home to the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre, which interprets Kaurna culture and heritage. The centre hosts cultural tours and can be hired for functions and community activities.

The Warriparinga Wetlands are currently undertaking a rehabilitation project where we have a long-term plan to improve water quality in the wetlands.

Where is Warriparinga?

Warriparinga is located on a 3.5 hectare reserve on the corner of Sturt and Marion Roads, Sturt (commonly known as Laffer's Triangle).

Warriparinga Map

Warriparinga map

What’s at Warriparinga?

Warriparinga is an attractive open space that is used for recreation, education and to re-establish native plants and animals.

Its wetland is a series of ponds that diverts and filters water from the Sturt River, before releasing it back.

It offers a place to sit and relax, to enjoy natural sights and sounds. With over 30 bird species living at the wetlands, it has a ‘back to nature’ feel in the midst of the city. It’s a place for bird watching or just for taking it easy.

You can also take a walk or ride your bike around the wetlands. Its track not only takes you through Warriparinga but also links to other bike and walking routes.

Interpretative signs explain the site’s cultural and environmental features.

Warriparinga Explorer Trail

Discover the history and beauty of Warriparinga for yourself by following the Warriparinga Explorer Trail.

  1. Print the explorer map below or get a copy at the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre
  2. Start exploring Warriparinga
  3. Write your answers on the back of the sheet as you follow the trail
  4. Go back to the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre and staff will check your answers

Useful information

For more information please refer to the following documents:

What is a wetland?

Wetlands are areas that are permanently or temporarily covered with fresh water on a regular basis. Artificial wetlands, like Warriparinga, are being built in Adelaide to slow and retain stormwater flows and improve water quality.

They support native animals and vegetation, as well as help to keep waterways clean and reduce the likelihood of algal blooms.

For more information on wetlands, please refer to the below website :

Caring for the wetland

Warriparinga is managed by the City of Marion, and is supported by the Friends of Warriparinga group in caring for the area.

For more information about the Friends of Warriparinga, please visit the below website.