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Cove Sports and Community Club

Community Consultation - New options for soccer in the south

You are invited you to share your views on potential changes to plans for the development of the Southern Sports Facility at Majors Road.

Council received a report on April 23 this year which confirmed it was unlikely the delivery of the soccer complex could be achieved within the existing $5 million budget.

Council is now undertaking a feasibility study into locating extra soccer pitches at the Cove Sports and Community Club.

As part of the study, Council will also investigate relocating the Cove Football Club (AFL) and the Cove Cricket Club to Capella Reserve with a clubhouse and parking.

Council made the decision on the Southern Sports Facility, earmarked for Majors Road, at its meeting of April 23. The Council meeting minutes are available on the City of Marion website.

Sports clubs and the community will be fully consulted before any decision is made.

Formal consultation will be undertaken in the near future.

To find out more and provide feedback visit

Cove Sports and Community Club - New Management

24 January 2019

What is Council doing?

  • Marion Council has terminated the Cove Sports and Community Club's licence and will run the facility for at least the next 12 months.
  • A Special General Council Meeting on 22 January 2019 resolved to serve the Cove Sports and Community Club committee a notice to immediately terminate their licence.
  • Marion Council will manage the site while working towards creating a new independent board with the skills to run the club successfully and drafting a new constitution.
  • The only employee at the club, a facility manager, will be offered a contract to work for the City of Marion

Why is Council making the changes?

  • Council's decision is the culmination of a number of concerns over the running of the club, the latest being the discovery of a significant breach of their licence conditions this month.
  • Council had no choice but to act once we became aware that the club had breached its licence.
  • Council decided to manage the facility to protect ratepayers’ money and secure the future of the club.

What impact will it have on the sporting clubs?

  • The changes can occur without disrupting the day-to-day activities of the six sporting clubs that use the facility.
  • Sporting fixtures, training, venue hire and other activities will continue as normal.
  • Council will offer the sporting clubs a 12-month licence at a peppercorn rent.
  • We are hopeful that once the changes are implemented we will have a better club to serve its members and the community.
  • Council is in constant contact with the clubs to inform them of the changes and how we can support them.

Who owns the site?

  • Council owns the site and previously held a licence with the Cove Sports and Community Club committee, which comprises representatives from the sporting clubs.

Which Clubs operate from the site?

  • Cove Tigers Netball Club
  • Hallett Cove Lightning Netball Club
  • Cove Cricket Club
  • Cove BMX Club
  • Cove Football Club (AFL)
  • Cove FC (soccer)