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Waterslides & Water Play Park


Like all pools across Australia, we are changing the way we operate in line with government health guidelines. These measures aim to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the pool safely.


• Book online before arriving at the pool for general admission and all activities, including water slides, at

• Capacity limits apply to enable physical distancing

• Time limits for equipment use and structured activities

• Reduced opening times

• You ‘ll see staff cleaning equipment regularly

• View our COVID-19 Safety Plan at

• New fee structure – see:


We have two slides at the Marion Outdoor Pool, both starting from the top of the 10m platform.

Our green, white and blue “Twist Slide” starts off with a 15m enclosed tunnel with spectacular translucent color bands. The tunnel rounds the corner and changes to an anti-clockwise downward spiral of open air slide for the remainder of the ride. The ride concludes when the rider splashes in to the run-out trough.

Our yellow “Speed Slide” is for those looking for a fast and exciting thrill! Drop down 10m at what feels like a vertical plunge, picking up great speed, before crossing the finish line at the bottom in a spectacular splash!

See Entry Fees tab for more details on pricing.

Conditions of use (Slide)
  • Riders need to be a minimum of 1.2m tall to ride alone.

  • Minimum age of users is 2 years old.

  • No tandem rides on Speed Slide.

  • Feet first. No riding on stomach or knees.

  • No jewelry, watches, glasses, shoes, goggles pool toys.

  • People with pre-existing medical injury or illness are not allowed to use the waterslide.

  • Adults taking small children on the waterslide are required to hold on to that child the entire length of the slide.

  • Persons not adhering to the rules and directions of staff will be refused access to the ride.

  • Twist Slide only: Children under the 1.2m height restriction are allowed to ride with an adult (16yrs+).

Tips and tricks

Twist Slide:

  • Pick-up a mat at the bottom of staircase for the Twist slide. It helps maintain speed and reduce friction. Not to be used on speed slide.

  • Getting body weight forward. Leaning forward in seating position. Try and reach your toes. Or sit with feet close in and knees out wide. Lean forward.

  • Do not try and twist and turn around. You will lose momentum.

  • If you find yourself going too fast, sit up and place one hand on the side of the slide. Spread legs wide.

  • Adults riding with children never let go of the child whilst riding the waterslide, as that may cause injury to both of you when you collide at the bottom of the slide.

Speed Slide:

Lay down. Ride on your feet and shoulder blades. Raise your bottom off the slide. Arms crossed onto either shoulder. Legs out straight with feet crossed over. Your feet will take the impact of the still water in the chute at the end.

Water Play Park

Our new water play park includes a 9.2 metre high x 20 metre wide centrepiece with four water slides, including one enclosed slide, tipping bucket containing 600 litres of water and water cannons. The area has a 59 square metre splash pad with non-slip surface, water jets and interactive features.