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Oaklands Green project delivering 680 new homes

Thursday 18 Jan 2024
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Construction is underway on a new development in Oaklands Park that will deliver 680 homes including marking the largest social housing regeneration project in decades.

Led by South Australia's not-for-profit Housing Renewal Australia, the Oaklands Green project will see 7.7 hectares of land transformed.

The redevelopment will include 235 new social housing homes, which will be provided back to the South Australia Housing Authority.

A further 450 market-ready homes will be built on the site, providing critical land and housing supply for South Australians.

Marion Mayor Kris Hanna said the initiative will help accommodate the City of Marion's rising population.

"Every year consistently we have a 1 per cent growth in population in the City of Marion and we have to put those people somewhere," he said.

Oaklands Green will be the largest consolidated housing renewal project since the early 2000s.

The project will include a range of modern and sustainable housing options, such as apartments and detached dwellings.

Minister for Human Services Nat Cook said re-building and modernising social housing will offer real choice to customers.

"Our existing housing stock includes mostly older three-bedroom homes that aren't suitable for many people - Oaklands Green has a mix of one, two and three bedrooms homes and give our customers the opportunity to find the property right for them," she said.

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