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Tonsley Innovation District

What is Tonsley?

Tonsley is Australia’s first innovation district, connecting businesses with the best and brightest.

The former Mitsubishi Motors assembly plant at Tonsley is in the process of being completely redeveloped as an integrated employment, education and residential precinct by Renewal SA.

This is a unique development in the City of Marion and we are looking for ways to encourage the business and local community to activate this space.

COMmunity Space @ Tonsley Pod

Tonsley is an important asset for our future and we are an active participant in creating Tonsley as a vibrant and connected place to live, work, study and do business. Our activation will align with the spirit of the site and will aim to attract the wider community into the precinct as well as engage those working and studying there.

City of Marion will be present in the COMmunity Space @ The Tonsley Pod space & surrounds once a week on a Thursday from September-mid December 2018.

Join us to enjoy inspiring and innovative seminars and presentations, learn and participate in fun and interactive workshops, discover and explore Tonsley and come n try new activities!

  • Enjoy inspiring and innovative seminars and presentations
  • Learn and participate in fun and interactive workshops
  • Discover and explore
  • Come n Try new activities
  • Thursdays: September to December 2018

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What do you want to see at Tonsley?

We want to hear your big ideas to activate the space at Tonsley!

Let us know what you would like to see and how you would like to use the space.

Weekend activities, markets, night-time activities, networking events, information events, family friendly activities? The list is endless!

Using the ‘what makes a great place' concept, we will be focusing on key attributes for place making:

  • Sociability
  • Uses and activities
  • Access and links
  • Comfort and image

Share your big idea with us! Fill in our survey to let us know your big ideas!

More about Tonsley

Tonsley Australia’s First Innovation District. Tonsley has been designed to unite progressive individuals, businesses and researchers looking to collaborate, test, build and grow in a flexible and supportive environment.

With a specific focus on the high-value manufacturing sector, Tonsley’s masterplan incorporates collaborative meeting and working spaces providing world-class facilities to help take great new ideas from concept and testing to market.

Tonsley Innovation District is new, but it has a spirit of entrepreneurialism deep within its roots. Tonsley has been the home of innovation since the 1800s when the Ragless family farmed the site and developed several automated harvesting technologies. Fifty years ago, Tonsley was a cornerstone of South Australia’s manufacturing industry, the home of Chrysler Australia and later Mitsubishi Motors.

Today, it integrates environmental, social and economic opportunities. There’s a focus on innovation, education, health and collaboration in a quality environment.

  • Update - June 18
  • Home to over 30 businesses and over 100 members of the two working spaces on site, plus Flinders University's College of Science and Engineering and TAFE
  • 6,500 students study and train at Tonsley per year (will increase to 8,500 at the completion of the project)
  • The residential development will house 1,200 residents in 850 dwellings
  • Employee numbers on site are higher than at the point of Mitsubishi’s closure in 2008

Tonsley Innovation District’s four focus sectors reflect South Australia’s economic strengths and opportunities:

Health, medical devices and assistive technologies

Health, medical devices and assistive technologies organisations already operating at Tonsley include:

Software and simulation

 Automation, Software and simulation success stories at Tonsley include:

Mining and energy services

Current Mining and Energy Services partners include:

Tonsley’s emerging world-class resources for the mining and energy services sector include:

Further information about Tonsley

Do you have a query?

If you have any queries about the project, please speak to the Tonsley project team from Renewal SA. 

Renewal SA Project Team
Phone: 1300 321 208

City of Marion contact:
Brett Grimm