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Open Space Framework

Open spaces contribute to a healthy city and community and the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors through the provision of recreation opportunities and natural environments. Open space can also attract economic benefits, such as through tourism.

Open Space Framework 2018-2028

Council endorsed the Open Space Framework 2020 to 2028 which sets out an 8 year vision to achieve sustainable environmental outcomes and improve our community's health and wellbeing.

The Open Space Framework consists of:

This Framework is focused on the following main points:

  • Achieving an equitable spread of appealing and functional open space across the City.
  • Nine focus areas to renew, develop and improve open space within the City of Marion.
  • Understanding current and future community needs.
  • A 'needs based' assessment to help deliver open space projects throughout our six wards.
  • How we engage with you on local open space projects including playgrounds and reserves when programming which has been endorsed by Council.

You can find out more in our endorsed policy and draft open space methodology, service levels and plan.

A hard copy of this plan is available on request, contact 8375 6600.

When your local open space is due to be considered - we will consult with you at that time about what happens in your local area.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will my local open space be upgraded?

The Open Space Framework guides how we determine an Open Space upgrade. View the endorsed Open Space Plan for more information. All Open Spaces are considered in a works program and are assessed by Council. To find out more about the process, see our endorsed Open Space Methodology.

The works program is considered City-wide and is based upon:

  • Age of asset
  • Area of need (e.g. High or Low open space provision)
  • Alignment of works programs across Council
  • Principles within the Open Space Plan

We will continue to monitor and maintain assets until they can be upgraded. The Open Space Methodology determines when we will consult with the community when an Open Space is being upgraded.

Are playgrounds upgraded as part of the Open Space Framework?

Within the Open Space Framework, the reserve is looked at as a whole, including the playground. Where a playground is being upgraded or built, the whole reserve will be planned and upgraded.

How do you decide what reserves get upgraded or removed?

We have considered all of our playgrounds, reserves and open space areas through this Framework. We have analysed and identified areas that require immediate, short term and long term work. We continue to audit and assess the quality and life of Council assets.

How do you decide how much money gets spent at each site?

The Open Space Framework is made in consideration of the Annual Business Plan. The Open Space Service Levels show how Open Space upgrades are determined and the benchmark cost model used.

My reserve requires maintenance - how can I request this?

We encourage you to contact Customer Service to raise a customer event should your local reserve need attention. Visit the contact us page to choose a communication method to raise your concerns.

We will continue to consult with you when your local reserve is being upgraded and you can provide your feedback at this time.

How often will this plan be reviewed?

A four-year checkpoint review is scheduled to ensure community needs are met and that the current plan still aligns with these requirements.