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Open Space Framework

Open spaces contribute to a healthy city and community and the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors through the provision of recreation opportunities and natural environments.  Open space can also attract economic benefits, such as through tourism.

Open Space Framework 2017-2027

The City of Marion Open Space Framework is comprised of:

  • Open Space Policy.
  • Open Space Works Program.
Open Space Policy

Council endorsed the Open Space Policy on 24 January 2017.

The policy sets the principles and framework to guide the provision, development and management of accessible and diverse open spaces in order to improve sustainable environmental outcomes and our community’s individual and collective health and wellbeing.

The Open Space Policy comprises of 2 elements:

Describes the level of use for each open space and potential types of facilities that may be included.  
The Hierarchy in Council’s Playground Policy will inform the level of playground provision within open spaces.

Describe the functional and environmental character of open space. 
Each open space is attributed one or more classifications to ensure a diversity of settings and experiences are provided across the open space network.

Open Space Works Program

The Open Space Works Program will be developed through 2018.


Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2006-2016

Section 1 | Context

This provides background information on strategies, plans, policies and legislation at state, regional and local levels, a planning framework and a summary of consultation feedback.

Section 2 | Strategic Plan

Council-wide and Precinct level strategic actions and Implementation Plan.

Section 3 | Appendices

Supporting background information, detailed consultation feedback, land database and maps.