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Food waste

Food waste is a valuable resource that can be recycled into compost for gardens.

By recycling food scraps in a kitchen caddy and recycling these in your green organics bin, you are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste and lowering the cost of waste disposal to the community.

Kitchen caddies for food scraps - coming soon to all households

City of Marion residents can use a kitchen caddy to collect all food scraps in the kitchen for disposal into the green organics bin so it can be collected for compost rather than wasted.

How can I get a kitchen caddy?

We are currently out of stock of kitchen caddies.

From August 2021, more than 40,000 kitchen caddies will be delivered free to all households.

This project will cut the amount of waste that goes to landfill - food waste makes up over 30 per cent of the waste in Council's general waste bins.

Households do not need to register to receive a caddy. The caddies will be automatically be delivered to everybody with a free roll of 150 compostable bags.

If you already have a caddy or do not want one for other reasons, you are welcome to gift it to a friend or family member. Council drop-off points will also be made available closer to the delivery time so that surplus caddies can be redistributed to new residents.

The deliveries are scheduled to take place over four weeks, starting on Monday 23 August.

Where can I get more of the compostable bags?

Currently residents can buy replacement caddy liners from the Administration Centre on 245 Sturt Road or from any of the Marion Library branches for $4.50 per roll of 75 bags.

It is a good idea to replace the caddy bag every 2 - 3 days even if it is not full. A roll of 75 bags used in this way will last around 6 months.

Free rolls of 150 bags will be included in the new kitchen caddies being delivered to all households in August - September 2021.

From 2022, residents will be entitled to one free replacement roll of 150 compostable bags per year.

It is recommended to use the compostable caddy liners within one year of purchase. After this time they may begin to start breaking down which they are designed to do.

You don't have to use compostable bags in your kitchen caddy - you can simply wrap them in newspaper or place your scraps loose in the green bin.

It is important to only use certified compostable bags in the caddy, never biodegradable or other plastic bags as these contaminate the organics and cause problems for composting. The bags provided with the caddy are made from corn starch, which is 100% compostable.

What can I put in the kitchen caddy?

All food scraps such as:

  • All dairy including cheese and yoghurt
  • Cake, bread and biscuits
  • Pasta, rice and grains
  • Meat, and bones - raw and cooked
  • Seafood and shells - raw and cooked
  • Shredded paper
  • Paper towel and tissues
  • Fruit and vegetables, scraps and peels
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee grounds
  • Egg shells
  • Take away foods
  • Cooked leftovers

You can even put hair, tissues and paper towels in your kitchen caddy.

What can't go in the kitchen caddy or green organics bin?
  • Plastic bags
  • Oven bags
  • Aluminium foil
  • Dishcloths or sponges
  • Cigarette butts or ash

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