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Digital Transformation Program

Innovation is at the core of the City of Marion, aligned to our purpose 'To improve our residents’ quality of life; continuously, smartly and efficiently.'

The City of Marion is in the process of transforming its IT systems, to place our community at the centre of everything we do.

Below you will find information about the 12 projects that form the Digital Transformation Program (DTP).

Change is not just about systems, or even about processes. It's about people. It's about our staff. And it's about you.

That's why we're committed to keeping you informed, listening to your thoughts and ideas, and supporting you through the changes.

1. Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy and cyber security project is the first project in the One Marion Digital Trans­formation Program. This is because improving our confidence with technology ensures we make the best use of the systems and tools that we have. Being aware of cyber security risks is an important part of this. As an early step, we are looking to provide our outdoor workforce with devices to enable them to access applications that will help them work smarter, not harder.

2. Payroll and HRIS

The paper-based payroll system has now been replaced with a digital system. This system allows staff access to payroll information online 24/7, complete time sheets, apply for leave and check RDO balances. It will also in­corporate our recruitment, induction, performance development planning and provide access to HR data in real time.

3. Single View of the Customer

Our customers want us to know who they are and to have choice in how they connect with us. Our new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), also known as My Marion, will achieve this. The system was launched 1 December 2021, and is a single integrated view of each customer along with all their interactions - enabling us to deliver a more personalised service and improve query resolution.

Visit the My Marion customer portal now.

4. Asset Management Information System

This project aims to improve how we plan; man­age, monitor, maintain, and renew more than $1 billion of assets, including equipment, vehicles, buildings, and other infrastructure. Our new Asset management information system will deliver val­ue for ratepayers and ensure we provide the ser­vices and facilities our community needs. It will integrate with our finance and CRM systems, and have close links with the Geographic Information System (GIS).

5. Financial Transformation

We are looking to adopt a modern, cloud-based system to enable real-time financial reporting, which is essential for a modern organisation. It will enable us to be more agile and data-driven by delivering tailored, self-service access to real­time financial reporting to our Elected Members, executive and leaders. It will reduce and simplify paper-based processes by digitising and auto­mating them where possible. It is important the new system is integrated with our HRIS, Payroll, CRM, and Asset Management systems.

6. Microsoft Office 365 Rollout

Microsoft 365 offers a multitude of tools and ap­plications so we can work smarter. All the Office applications commonly used, like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, are now in the cloud and are joined by a multitude of others (such as Teams, Planner) to support an integrated ecosystem for efficiency. An outcome of the transition from "on premise" environment to cloud based will also be that we will tum off all "on premise" servers.

7. Intranet Transfer - smart Intranet

This project enabled an agile approach to working from home or off-site, with the intention to give staff access to their files from anywhere, and to develop team sites that enable staff to work better and collaborate. The first step was to migrate SharePoint to the "cloud". We also en­sured the security of our records and made them easier to find to carry out our work and to under­take Freedom of Information requests.

8. Geographic Information System

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) environment was replaced by the Esri GIS platform and pro­vide the tools to develop the Smarter Cit­ies project and deliver better services to our com­munity. As a collaborative platform used by many other councils, it will enable us to share spatial data.

9. Data Analytics

This project aims to better utilise our data by con­verting it into decision-ready information. It builds on the success of the recent Metrics that Matter project. When fully rolled-out it will provide us with powerful tools to analyse the data we collect to make robust, evidence-based decisions that serve and support our community.

10. Unified Communications

Changing the way we work, communicate and collaborate with tech solutions. We are redesigning our desktop environment (computer, monitor, phone, tablet) to be better suited for mobile usage. This will enable us to take calls from anywhere. There will also be "virtual phones" and better mobile contracts.

11. Devices List and Management

Ensuring our staff are equipped with the right tools of trade for their roles and responsibili­ties. That means up-to-date quality devices that are fit for purpose, and a greater choice in the devices we use. It also includes devices that al­low our workforce to be more mobile.

12. AV Access in Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms have been redesigned to facili­tate video conferencing, telepresence, and inter­active meetings. Staff are now able to connect wire­lessly in each room.

CRM Website graphic

Single View of the Customer - A step-by-step explanation of how the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) (My Marion Customer Portal) works.

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