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Kokubunji - Marion's sister city

Kokubunji near Tokyo in Japan has been Marion’s sister city since 1993.

For 30 years the program has promoted cultural understanding with a range of activities including student exchanges and visits by community-led delegations.

The origin of sister city programs can be traced to the years following World War Two when it was developed to encourage goodwill, international understanding and cooperation between nations.

Marion’s sister city relationship with Kokubunji has focused on exchanges between high schools which have enabled students to visit significant cultural, tourism, educational and business destinations and improve their language skills.

The 10th anniversary was marked by a visit to Marion from the Mayor of Kokubunji and the planting of a Japanese garden in Oaklands Park. The garden was later moved to the Administration Centre on Sturt Road.

A small community delegation visited Kokubunji to mark the 20-year relationship in 2014.

In 2023, a delegation from Kokubunji will visit the City of Marion to mark the 30th anniversary.

Japanese Garden

A photo of the Japanese garden at the Administration Centre.

In February 2015, Council hosted a visit by English language students from Tokyo Kezai University in Kokubunji.

Kokubunji Students

A photo of Mayor Hanna with Tokyo Kezai University students in 2015.