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Home library services

To help ensure equitable access to library materials for all members of our community, the Marion Library offers the Library@home service, a free and convenient home delivery option for residents who, for various reasons, are unable to visit our branches.

Who is eligible?

Any City of Marion residents whose circumstances prevent them from being able to visit a branch is eligible for the Library@home service. This may include:

  • Residents with health, access or mobility issues
  • Residents who have a disability or injury and their carers
  • Residents living in isolation, such as in quarantine or on home detention
  • Residents who are able to access the Library, but unable to transport their selected library materials home
  • Permanent residents of aged care facilities within the City of Marion
  • Staff of aged care and disability establishments within the City of Marion who may wish to request items for their clients.

Not sure if you are eligible? Feel free to contact the Home Library Team to discuss your circumstances.

What can I borrow?

Library@Home customers have access to items from across the entire South Australian Public Library Network. This includes fiction and non-fiction books for all ages, magazines, music CDs, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, audiobooks, as well as books printed in large print and dyslexia friendly font.

As members of the Marion Library Service, Library@home users also have access to a wide range of online materials such as eBooks, eAudiobooks, online magazines, newspapers and movies, which can be accessed on Wi-Fi enabled laptops and smart devices. To learn more about how to access these materials, please contact the library.

How does it work?

Library@home customers have the option to either select items themselves, or have library staff select items on their behalf. Deliveries occur every four weeks.

Customer selection

Customers who wish to select items themselves can use the library's online catalogue to reserve items and have them sent to the Marion Library. When items arrive, they are checked out to the customer and delivered on the next scheduled delivery date.

Selection by Library Staff

For customers who would prefer library staff to select their items, a personalised borrower profile will be created during the sign up process.

This profile will record the customer's borrowing preferences with regards to item types, format, genre, print size and any other relevant information. Staff will routinely search the library catalogue and reserve items for the customer against this profile. When items arrive they are checked out to the customer and delivered on the next scheduled delivery date.

More information

To find out more about this service, please contact our Library@home Team either by phone, email or by completing an Expression of Interest form.