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Social media

How we connect with our community

The City of Marion uses social media to connect with our community and keep people up-to-date with the latest news, events and initiatives.

Social media allows our residents, visitors and others the chance to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with us and vice versa. This results in two-way communication and engagement.

Social media forms part of the City of Marion's Marketing and Engagement Strategy. It aims to build strong and positive relationships with our community and stakeholders.

City of Marion social media accounts

As well as our responsive website, email newsletter and online services, you can find the City of Marion on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok to keep up to date with the latest on what's happening in your community.







Social media guidelines

Our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok accounts provide an opportunity to connect further with our community.

The accounts aim to regularly communicate and promote City of Marion news, events and initiatives, as well as information about Council business, services and facilities.

They also allow you another channel to communicate with us, whether asking questions or sharing your thoughts, views and ideas.

The aim of the accounts is to allow for genuine two-way communication and engagement, to build strong and positive relationships.

Appropriate use of Council social media accounts

On our Facebook pages we welcome and encourage users to post content, whether your thoughts, questions, comments, photos or other content, as long as it relates to the City of Marion and Council business.

On Twitter and Instagram, we also encourage the community to use our handle @CityofMarion in any tweets or posts.

When using City of Marion's social media accounts, it is expected that all users will be familiar and adhere to these guidelines.

It is expected that users will behave in an appropriate and respectful way and not publish any content that is considered defamatory or inappropriate.

If a user does not use Council social media accounts as expected, City of Marion reserves the right to remove any inappropriate posts or block a user in order to maintain a safe and respectful online community.

Examples of inappropriate or irrelevant posts that will be removed, includes content that is:

  • Racist, sexist or sexual,
  • Threatening or abusive,
  • Harassing or bullying,
  • Offensive, obscene or contains profanity,
  • Spam, junk or advertising,
  • Derogatory or defamatory,
  • Unlawful or discriminatory,
  • Not respecting another's privacy,
  • Containing personal, confidential, or copyright information,
  • Political or lobbying,
  • Relating to a third party that is not affiliated or connected with the City of Marion,
  • Not relating to the City of Marion and council business.
  • Not suited to a community of all ages, or
  • Any other content that City of Marion deems as inappropriate or irrelevant to its community.

If you find a post on any City of Marion social media account to be inappropriate or offensive in any way, please contact us so that we can review the post.

Making an enquiry on social media

You are more than welcome to make an enquiry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, however please be aware of the following when expecting a response.

  • While City of Marion is aware that social media is an ongoing communications channel with activity outside of standard business hours, due to resourcing, enquiries will only receive a response during the City of Marion business hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
  • As other communication methods are only monitored in business hours, this maintains fairness to the entire City of Marion community so that everyone - online or not - is responded to in a fair and equal manner.
  • In exceptional circumstances, some posts, including inappropriate content, may be responded to outside of business hours at the discretion of the City of Marion.
  • We will aim to reply to your enquiry as soon as possible from the time your enquiry is posted, ideally on the same business day, otherwise within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

Content on our social media accounts

Please be aware that unless posted by the City of Marion, any content published on Council's Facebook pages or including the @CityofMarion Twitter or Instagram handle, may not represent the views of the City of Marion, and the City of Marion does not endorse, authorise or support the content.