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Major Developments

Seacliff Park Redevelopment

The site is located within both the City of Marion and the City of Holdfast Bay and is referred to informally as ‘Cement Hill’ or the Lorenzin/Monier site.

The site is located prominently at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Scholefield Road, with the latter road being one of the main entrances into the predominantly residential areas of Seacliff Park, Kingston Park and Marino, and to a lesser extent Hallett Cove. The Boral Linwood Quarry access road is located adjacent the southern boundary of the site.

The site has historically been used for quarrying, concrete manufacturing, domestic land fill, concrete roofing tile manufacturing and as a depot for a construction company.

The visually derelict appearance to the land has been a major issue for residents in the surrounding suburbs for many years. In addition there are known issues in relation to contamination and stormwater on the site and existing issues with traffic management in the surrounding area.

The relatively discrete nature of the land and its proximity to public transport services and recreation facilities provides an opportunity to consider alternative forms of development to the neighbouring low-density residential uses. The slope of the land and its ability to provide coastal views enhances its consideration for multi-level medium density residential development, with the lower, flatter portions of the site being suitable for shopping and community facilities which are otherwise underprovided for in the locality.

In addition, the proposed redevelopment of the site provides an opportunity to address many of the issues associated with the site (contamination, stormwater, etc.).

Key Objectives

  • To encourage the redevelopment of the unsightly and contaminated former industrial land at the entrance/gateway to Marino.
  • To facilitate safer quarry vehicle access and a better arrangement between quarry traffic and residences.

Latest Update - March 2021

This has been a long term project involving the City of Marion, private land owners, the quarry operator and adjacent Holdfast Bay Council.

Following a community engagement process in 2012, which sought the local community’s aspirations for the site, numerous investigations were undertaken and a draft Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was created.

The DPA proposes to rezone the vacant land to a Suburban Neighbourhood Zone, which provides opportunity for development of the site for residential and shopping/community type uses.

In 2015 public consultation of the DPA was placed 'on hold' pending finalisation of an agreement between Boral and the Seacliff Group regarding relocation of the quarry haulage road from adjacent the southern boundary of the Seacliff site.

A new location for the haulage road, adjacent the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Majors Road, has been chosen.

In February 2020, following public and agency consultation, an updated version of the DPA was approved by both the Cities of Marion and Holdfast Bay and was forwarded to the Minister for Approval.

On 19 November 2020 the Minister approved the DPA and the necessary amendments (rezoning the Cement Hill site to Suburban Neighbourhood Zone) were made to the City of Holdfast Bay and City of Marion Development Plans.

The owners of the site (Seacliff Group), in conjunction with the Councils and State Government, aim to work on a masterplan for the future development of the site.

Work on the relocation of the quarry haulage road is commenced in February 2021, and is currently visible from Ocean Boulevard.